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Homeschool Opportunities

The exhibits in the Virginia Living Museum were designed to correlate with and reinforce Virginia’s Standards of Learning for Science. While taking a tour of the geographic regions of Virginia, families can observe:

  • Live animals and plants in their natural habitats
  • Plant and animal life cycles, food chains and food webs
  • Animal survival adaptations for finding food and shelter, rearing young, avoiding predators, defensive measures
  • Animal migration, camouflage and hibernation
  • Endangered and threatened species
  • Vertebrates and invertebrates
  • The importance of conserving Virginia’s animal, plant and mineral resources
  • Pond, forest, stream, Chesapeake Bay, cypress swamp, mountain cove, cave and more habitats
  • Virginia’s prehistoric past: rocks, minerals, fossils
  • Phases of the moon, reasons for the seasons, earth’s revolution and rotation, planets in our solar system

To assist homeschool families, the Museum offers FREE grade-level-targeted guides to its living exhibits to help children focus during their visit. All questions are correlated to Virginia SOLs and national science standards.

Exhibit Guides

Please note: Only Blank Guides are available online. Answer keys are available at the Museum’s front desk.

Discovery Boxes

discovery-boxes-3The Museum offers homeschool families special discount pricing for its “Museum in a Trunk” Discovery Boxes. Choose from ten exciting topics. Save more money by sharing Discovery Boxes with other homeschool families. To reserve a Discovery Box for homeschool use, please call 757-595-9135 or complete our online form.

Rental Duration
7-day Rental FedEx Home Delivery & Pickup $112.50
7-day Rental Pickup and Return at the VLM $90
3-day Rental Pickup and Return at the VLM $60

Homeschool Morning  March 1

Homeschool DayThe wonders of nature … the excitement of discovery … the satisfaction of accomplishment. This is what a “Homeschool Morning” at the Virginia Living Museum is all about. We are committed to providing unparalleled education experiences for our region’s Homeschool families. Enjoy a wide range of the museum’s education resources, including a line-up of our acclaimed natural science classroom, environmental science labs and space science planetarium programs – all of which are curriculum, grade-level targeted and taught by professional educators. Homeschool visitors will also enjoy demonstration tables from Waterman’s Museum in Yorktown, Virginia Virtual Academy and Peninsula Fine Arts Center.

“My 14 yr. old attended the homeschool day “Exploring with the Microscope” today (December 13), and when we got home she said she was so fascinated with what she saw under the scope, she didn’t want to leave. A huge thank you to the educational staff for inspiring our daughter in science/nature with your programs.” –Nina Palmer


Subject Area
Natural Science Animal ABC’s 1-2 10:15-11am $11.75 per child
Natural Science  Inside Skeletons 5 11:15am-12pm $11.75 per child
Space Science Virginia Skies K-12 10:15-11am $11.75 per child
Space Science Skies of Jamestown 2-4 11:15am-12pm $11.75 per child
Environmental Science Lab Vertebrate Biology 6-12 9:30-11:00am $13.75 per child

All programs include a self-guided visit of museum exhibits.

A self-guided visit is free for VLM members. Non-members pay $9 per child (ages 3-12), $14 adults for a self-guided visit.

Homeschool Mornings are sponsored by:


Yorktown Location

Additional Programs for Kids