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Homeschool Opportunities

The exhibits in the Virginia Living Museum were designed to correlate with and reinforce Virginia’s Standards of Learning for Science. While taking a tour of the geographic regions of Virginia, families can observe:

  • Live animals and plants in their natural habitats
  • Plant and animal life cycles, food chains and food webs
  • Animal survival adaptations for finding food and shelter, rearing young, avoiding predators, defensive measures
  • Animal migration, camouflage and hibernation
  • Endangered and threatened species
  • Vertebrates and invertebrates
  • The importance of conserving Virginia’s animal, plant and mineral resources
  • Pond, forest, stream, Chesapeake Bay, cypress swamp, mountain cove, cave and more habitats
  • Virginia’s prehistoric past: rocks, minerals, fossils
  • Phases of the moon, reasons for the seasons, earth’s revolution and rotation, planets in our solar system

To assist homeschool families, the Museum offers FREE grade-level-targeted guides to its living exhibits to help children focus during their visit. All questions are correlated to Virginia SOLs and national science standards.

Exhibit Guides

Please note: Only Blank Guides are available online. Answer keys are available at the Museum’s front desk.

Discovery Boxes

discovery-boxes-3The Museum offers homeschool families special discount pricing for its “Museum in a Trunk” Discovery Boxes. Choose from ten exciting topics. Save more money by sharing Discovery Boxes with other homeschool families. To reserve a Discovery Box for homeschool use, please call 757-595-9135 or complete our online form.

Rental Duration
7-day Rental FedEx Home Delivery & Pickup $112.50
7-day Rental Pickup and Return at the VLM $90
3-day Rental Pickup and Return at the VLM $60

Additional Programs for Kids

Homeschool Mornings September 30 and December 13

Homeschool DayThe wonders of nature … the excitement of discovery … the satisfaction of accomplishment. This is what a “Homeschool Morning” at the Virginia Living Museum is all about. We are committed to providing unparalleled education experiences for our region’s Homeschool families. Enjoy a wide range of the museum’s education resources, including a line-up of our acclaimed natural science classroom, environmental science labs and space science planetarium programs – all of which are curriculum and grade-level targeted.

Detailed program information will be available later this summer.

Register August 22 – September 28 for the September 30 event.

Register November 7 – December 11 for the December 13 event.