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Adults $20, children (ages 3-12) $15.
General Admission Tickets

Bacchus Wine & Food Festival Feb. 3

Tickets Divine Reception (6-7pm)

Tickets Main Event (7-10pm)

Admission + Special Tour

Adults $32, children (ages 3-12) $27. VLM members $10.

Tickets Behind the Scenes (Tues/Sat 3pm) (Age 7 and up)

Tickets Every Animal Has a Story (Wed. 3pm) (Age 4 and up)

Tickets All About Otters (3rd Thurs 3pm) ( Age 3 and up)

Laser Evenings

Second Saturday of every month
$6 per show, two shows for $10. VLM members $3 per show, two shows for $5.