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Cold Blooded Creatures

Cold Blooded Creatures Step into the world of a herpetologist at the Virginia Living museum and meet Thomas Waser who cares for the museum's many cold-blooded creatures!

Our Snakes Have A Superpower!

April 4, 20117 Residing in our Mountain Cove habitarium, the canebrake rattlesnake is one of the VLM’s pit viper species. Being a venomous snake, the rattlesnake has a formidable reputation and many people regard this reptile with fear and caution due to its potentially life-threatening toxin….

Herp Highlight #5: Eastern Hellbender

The frigid waters of Virginia’s mountains seem  inhospitable for any cold-blooded critter, but even here herptiles find ways to survive the harsh temperatures. Our Mountain Cove Habitarium is home to a very special and very rare amphibian: the Eastern Hellbender.   The Eastern Hellbender (Cryptobranchus…