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Author: Thomas Waser

Herp Highlight #9: Eastern Glass Lizard

January 10, 2018 Walking through the museum’s Chesapeake Bay Gallery, you may notice a rather small exhibit located just between our beach and saltwater marsh exhibits; a literal hole-in-the-wall. At first glance, you might believe the exhibit to be empty, save for a few sticks,…

Our Snakes Have A Superpower!

April 4, 20117 Residing in our Mountain Cove habitarium, the canebrake rattlesnake is one of the VLM’s pit viper species. Being a venomous snake, the rattlesnake has a formidable reputation and many people regard this reptile with fear and caution due to its potentially life-threatening toxin….

Can You Name the Reptile?

December 2, 2016 Have you visited the VLM recently? We have tons of cool exhibits full of awesome animals including, of course, our herpetology collection. Think you can identify some of the Virginia Living Museum’s reptiles from a close up photo? Test your skills at…

Identifying Common Snakes

July 28, 2016 I recently posted an instructional guide on what to do if/when you find a snake in your yard. Today, I thought it’d be a good idea to briefly introduce a few snake species so that homeowners might better be able to identify…