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What’s In a Name?

Xena.  2003 UB313.  Eris. These names all refer to the same astronomical body – a dwarf planet located out near Pluto.  “Xena” was the nickname given to the little world by its discoverer, Mike Brown.  2003 UB313 was its official designation until an official name,…

UFOs and All That

Greetings, fellow Earthlings! So, have you been watching television lately?  There seems to be a new fascination with UFO hunting and finding and proving and conspiracy theorizing out there of late.  So I thought I’d write a little about UFOs and what they do…and don’t…mean….

Mars Attacks!

Well, actually, when you get right down to it…we’re the ones attacking Mars. Even as I write, the latest in a long series of robotic explorers is on its way to the Red Planet.  The Mars Science Laboratory, with its already-famous rover, Curiosity, launched toward…