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Virginia Fishes

Mantis shrimp (Squilla empusa) video

The mantis shrimp is a very strange creature. It is a highly predatory arthropod with one of the most complex compound eyes in nature, each of which can not only see independently, but also can detect colors throughout the entire spectrum of light; their unique…

Juvenile sandbar sharks – video!

We recently acquired two sandbar sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus);one male and one female. They are in quarantine at the moment and may not be on display for a while, but this video provides a sneak peak. The smaller of the two is a female and likely…

Seahorse breeding tank – babies meet parents!

Today we removed the partition that separated the lined seahorse parents from their young and they mingled together for the first time. The partition protected the young from being sucked against or into the filter system. As the video shows, the juveniles are two different…

White catfish (Ameiurus catus) spawning

This video shows a pair of our many white catfish spawning. These two have fanned out a shallow depression underneath some woody debris with their tails. They perform a ritual where they swim in circles side by side until they eventually are ready to mate….