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Okay, I warned you, regular posts are tough for me to achieve just now.  But, I could not let this go by…

If you’ve got the time, come to the Star Party at the Virginia Living Museum tonight.  Why?  Because there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get to see Comet Lovejoy!

Comets visit our skies only occasionally, and on a schedule they don’t generally share with anyone.  It’s just our luck that as 2015 begins, a comet has brightened to the point where we can just about see it with the naked eye around here…and we should be able to get a great view in our telescopes tonight!

Remember – star parties are FREE and open to all.  Be sure to dress toasty warm – it is going to be mighty cold up on our observatory deck.  The Wild Side Cafe will have hot food and drink to warm you after your observing, and there will be shows in the planetarium as well (for a fee).  You can get all the information you need on our website –  Or call us at 757-595-1900.

If you can’t come out to the museum to observe the comet, you can try looking in your own backyard!  The image below will tell you what part of the sky you need to look in:

Finder Chart for Comet Lovejoy January 2015

Finder Chart for Comet Lovejoy January 2015

Tonight, the comet will be directly to the right of Orion, and almost but not quite directly under the V of Taurus’ face.  If your skies are exceptionally dark, you might be able to see Comet Lovejoy with the unaided eye.  Sneaking up on it by glancing out of the corner of your eye may help.

Don’t miss the first (and hopefully not the last!) comet of 2015!  See you tonight!

Carpe noctem!



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