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Homeschool Opportunities

The exhibits in the Virginia Living Museum were designed to correlate with and reinforce Virginia’s Standards of Learning for Science. While taking a tour of the geographic regions of Virginia, families can observe:

  • Live animals and plants in their natural habitats
  • Plant and animal life cycles, food chains and food webs
  • Animal survival adaptations for finding food and shelter, rearing young, avoiding predators, defensive measures
  • Animal migration, camouflage and hibernation
  • Endangered and threatened species
  • Vertebrates and invertebrates
  • The importance of conserving Virginia’s animal, plant and mineral resources
  • Pond, forest, stream, Chesapeake Bay, cypress swamp, mountain cove, cave and more habitats
  • Virginia’s prehistoric past: rocks, minerals, fossils
  • Phases of the moon, reasons for the seasons, earth’s revolution and rotation, planets in our solar system

To assist homeschool families, the Museum offers FREE grade-level-targeted guides to its living exhibits to help children focus during their visit. All questions are correlated to Virginia SOLs and national science standards.

Homeschool Days- 2021

The Virginia Living Museum offers homeschool programs for all ages (Pre-K through 12) with monthly 45 minute programs.  Each program will be limited to eight family groups so everyone attending must register at once. Class price includes Museum admission. 

NOTE: As classes fill due to limited COVID-19 capacity, additional times and dates will be added to accommodate all of our homeschool families. Please register early if you intend to join in on the fun!

The Homeschool Days schedule for 2021 are as follows:

Wednesday, March 3 FLOWER POWER  More Information Here

  • 10am (18 registrants/ 5 family groups)
  • 12noon (14 registrants/ 1 family group remain open)
  • 2pm




Wednesday, March 17 REASONS OF THE SEASONS More Information Here

  • 10am FULL
  • 12noon (11 registrants)




Wednesday, April 14 BEARS FOR BEGINNERS More Information Here

  • 10am (18 registrants remain)
  • 12noon (18 registrants remain)
  • 2pm (18 registrants remain)



Wednesday, April 21 OASIS IN SPACE  More Information Here

  • 10am (17 of 18 registrants sold/ 1 remains)
  • 12noon  (18 registrants remain)




Wednesday, May 5, HOOT HOOT HOORAY! More Information Here

  • 10am (11 registrants/ 5 family groups still remain)
  • 12noon (8 registrants/ 1 family group still remain)
  • 2pm  (18 registrants remain)



Wednesday, May 19, STACEY STORM TRACKER More Information Here

  • 10am (18 registrants/ 3 family groups)
  • 12noon





Exhibit Guides

Please note: Only Blank Guides are available online. Answer keys are available at the Museum’s front desk.

Project Feeder Watch

Homeschool Packet

Discovery Boxes

discovery-boxes-3The Museum offers homeschool families special discount pricing for its “Museum in a Trunk” Discovery Boxes. Choose from nine exciting topics.  Each topic is developed thematically and contains natural history specimens and artifacts from the Museum’s collections for hands-on use by students, as well as activities, audiovisual materials, student and parent resource information and much more. Save more money by sharing Discovery Boxes with other homeschool families. To reserve a Discovery Box for homeschool use, please call 757-595-9135 or complete our online form.

Read about the Discovery Boxes


Rental Duration
7-day Rental Pickup and Return at the VLM $100
3-day Rental Pickup and Return at the VLM $65