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Have the Virginia Living Museum Visit You

We’ll come TO YOU with living creatures. The programs below are particularly appropriate for libraries, organizations, church groups, retirement centers and nursing homes. Several programs are also available to schools, PTAs and day care centers in the evening or on the weekend (depending on staff availability).

Animal Friends

Everyone enjoys seeing and learning about animals in nature – how about having them visit your center, library, meeting or next event? Live animals and fascinating natural history materials along with an experienced Virginia Living Museum educator will provide a fun and memorable learning experience for your group.

Available:  late August – May

Note: Schools, PTAs and day care centers can book this program for an evening or weekend event (depending on staff availability). Check out weekday programs here.

Cost: $250 for 45-minute live animal program. Add $50 for evening program after 5pm.

Contact: 757-595-9135, Monday-Friday, 9am – 4:30pm, or email.

VLM's Mini Museum

Now you can bring the Virginia Living Museum to your next event. Well, maybe not the whole Museum, but a VLM educator, a table full of engaging hands-on Museum specimens and a LIVE animal is certainly the next best thing! Tell us about your event and we’ll be happy to design an amazing “mini museum” just for you and your group.

Available Times: evening until 9pm and weekends with staff availability.

Cost: $345 minimum for up to 2 hours; $75 per additional hour. Add $50 for evening program after 5pm.

Contact: 757-595-9135, Monday-Friday, 9am – 4:30pm, or email.

Topics for Conversation

Whether it’s animals, habitats, space science, Earth science or the world of plants, the Virginia Living Museum has the experienced speaker who will engage and inform your special group. Let us know about your group, your topic and your interests, and we’ll tell you how we can bring it all to life. Includes non-live Museum specimens and support material.  Astronomy lecturer will bring one telescope for a requested outdoor lecture or night-sky viewing.

Available: year-round

Cost: $150 for one hour.   Add $75 for an additional hour.  Add $60 to include a live animal with the program. If requesting an outdoor astronomy lecture, add $60 for an additional astronomy staff person with a second telescope.  Add $50 for evening program after 5pm.

Travel fee: based on mileage roundtrip

Contact: 757-595-9135, Monday-Friday, 9am – 4:30pm, or email.

Mother Nature's Road Show Summer 2020

Enhance your summer activities for children, families, scouts and senior citizens with a visit from the Virginia Living Museum. We will come to your library, day care facility, retirement community, church or camp to add live animals and involve your clients in an educational and fun program. All programs are 40 minutes in length and mix fascinating live animals with educational fun.

Available Times: Monday through Friday, 9am – 3:30pm, summer only. Programs are 40 minutes long.

Cost: $150 per program. Travel fee may be required for programs outside the Tidewater area.

Lost Dinosaur June 1 – July 17, 2020

Help a baby dinosaur find its way back to its nest. We will meet live animals and discover dinosaur artifacts along the way to help our baby dinosaur find its way back.

Animal Tale of Tails July 20 – August 21, 2020

Do all animals have tails? What do they use them for? Let’s look at some of our live animals and put on animal tails to find the answers.

Contact: 757-595-9135, Monday-Friday, 9am – 4:30pm, or email.

Mother Nature's Road Show Senior Style

Do you know how to tell a bird’s flight feather from a bird’s filoplume? What about the difference between the scent sensing abilities of a bear and a fox? Or even what fascinating animals call the salty Chesapeake Bay their home? The answers to these questions and more can be found in the Virginia Living Museum’s exciting new Mother Nature’s Road Show: Senior Style programs! With a wealth of information, a plethora of Museum specimens and a Museum educator at your fingertips, you’ll dive into the world of fossils, explore the mysteries of the Chesapeake Bay or meet a turtle and learn his secrets with this new program.

We promise you an engaging, hands-on program tailored to the adult audience. Folks like you who are eager to learn more and have plenty of questions! We look forward to opening up new worlds and sharing new information with you.

Our programs are suited for small, intimate groups of 25 participants and are 1.5 hours in length. All materials are provided.

Our Chesapeake Bay

Discover the fascinating world of the Chesapeake Bay through the investigation of sponges, seashells and molts of animals that call it home. Learn why salinity is important and meet up close some of our favorite Chesapeake Bay wildlife.

Vertebrate Biology: Amphibians and Reptiles

Why are amphibians indicators of wetland changes? What adaptations make reptiles able to live in places around the globe? Uncover the mysteries surrounding reptiles and amphibians while meeting some for yourself.

Vertebrate Biology: Birds and Mammals

While visiting with some birds and mammals you’ll learn about adaptations that make them unique. While holding fascinating specimens in your hands, discover specialized feathers, fine fur, and amazing skeletons that came from our bird and mammal friends.

Included with all programs:

  • Professional Museum Educator
  • Live native animals
  • Specimens from our Museum collections
  • Educational hand-outs and reference information

Class sizes are small (only 25 participants) to create an intimate classroom setting.

Cost: $345. Add $50 for evening program after 5pm.

Call: 757-595-9135 or email Reservations.

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Call 757-595-9135 or email Reservations.