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Summer Camps 2023

Museum educators help children explore nature and space through hands-on activities, touring through the Museum, and learning about animals.


Children must be four years old (for Pre-K) or have just completed the grade you are registering for. Week-long camps are offered for ages 4 through grade 5.

Check back for fun summer camp opportunities!

Camp Updates

  • Drop off will occur outside. Please stay in your car and drive up when we are ready to receive campers for the day.
  • A verbal health check for COVID-19 symptoms will be required before we can accept a camper for the day.
  • Pick-up will be a drive up only. Please stay in your car. You will be asked to create a two word code combination that only you and authorized adults know upon registration. This will take the place of handing over your photo ID.
  • Campers will be given a supply list of some items to bring with them on Day 1 such as pencils, glue, and crayons. These items will be theirs to use exclusively for the duration of the camp.
  • Our outdoor areas will be utilized more frequently. Please make sure your child comes with a water bottle to stay hydrated and dressed for the weather.
  • Current camp capacity is at 15 campers for K-5 full day camps, and 8 campers for half day Pre-K camps. We will create a waitlist for each camp as needed.


Other Precautionary Measures

  • Camp leaders will be the only ones handling high touch surfaces such as doors.
  • Each camper will have their own allocated space to leave their belongings.
  • All rooms have minimally 2 sinks for hand washing and multiple stations with hand sanitizer.
  • Snacks and lunches will be consumed in individual classrooms.
  • Areas will be sanitized after use, with special attention to surfaces before and after snack and lunch times.
  • Refund policy will be relaxed and prorated if your child becomes sick during the week and you keep them home. Knowingly sending your child sick to camp forfeits your right for a refund.
  • If a fever is present, your child will not be allowed back to camp until 24 hours after their fever breaks without medication.

Pick-up Policy & Photo Release Policy

Late Pickup Policy

Photo Release Policy