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Rental FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Evening Events at the Virginia Living Museum

How far in advance can we reserve the Museum?

It is never too early, especially for the busy holiday season. At least 8 weeks advance notice is preferred.

What is included in the fee?

  • 4 hour museum use with customary utilities
  • Table and chair set-up and teardown
  • Event manager on-site for the entire event
  • On-Site Ice Machine Trash containers and removal

How do I secure the date?

A signed contract, 50% of the rental fee and a $1000 refundable security deposit will be required. A certificate of insurance is required for after-hours events.

Can I have an event during the day?

Some Museum areas are available during the day; please check with the Event and Tourism Manager about availability.

Are the exhibits open for after-hours events?

The indoor exhibits are open for your private viewing.
Although the deck is open, the outdoor trail will not be open.

Can I have volunteer interpreters at my event?

Yes, subject to availability and if requested well in advance.

How many people can the Museum accommodate?

Using the main level for a seated dinner, 200 (10 chairs to a table) and about 500 guests for a cocktail type reception. Additional chairs and tables may be rented from an outside vendor and used throughout the Museum.

Do you have a preferred caterer?

No, but we do have a suggested list of caterers that have worked with us in the past.
Please note a licensed caterer is required for all food service.

Can we serve alcohol?

Yes, but we do require an ABC permit. In many cases your caterer can arrange for the permit.

When can I set-up and decorate?

After the Museum closes. We close at 5:00PM each day.
Your caterer can begin set-up in specified “behind the scenes” staging areas as early as 3:00PM.
Decorations are not permitted in the habitariums. Candles must be unscented & monitored. Rice & birdseed are not allowed on Museum premises.

Can we have a band or DJ?

Yes, you may have music. We have suggested locations for set-up and music levels will be monitored.

Will the gift shop be open?

Unless requested and upon availability, the Wild Things Museum store will not be open.

Is a Planetarium show available?

Depending on staff availability, you can have one private planetarium program for an additional fee of $300. Max. capacity is 70.