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Timed Tickets at Virginia Living Museum Zoo Calendar

Rental Fees

Virginia Living Museum Rental Fee Schedule

Entire Museum Package $4,200 Includes all indoor exhibit areas on both levels, outdoor deck and roof top observatory patio (excludes the Changing Gallery, outdoor trail, Garden & Amphitheater) for 4 hrs. Max capacity 500.
1st Floor Rental Only $3,200 Includes access to exhibits on main floor of the VLM for 4 hours. Max capacity 300
Roof Top Patio $500 Includes roof top patio and use of observatory (excludes all Museum exhibit areas) for 4 hrs. Weather permitting. Max. capacity 75-100.
Outdoor Amphitheater $2,000 Includes stage and built in seating for 100 people for 4 hours. Weather permitting. Max. capacity 125. *Can be rented during the day*
Outdoor Garden $2,000 Includes lawn area, waterfall & “green house” for 4 hours. Weather permitting- lawn can be tented. Max. capacity 250. *Can be rented during the day*
Museum & Grounds $5,200 Includes all indoor exhibit areas on both levels, outdoor deck, roof top observatory patio, amphitheater & Garden Area (see above). Max. capacity 600. Set Up/ rental times will vary.
Lobby/Micro Event $2,200 Includes main building lobby area for 4 hours. Max. capacity 50.

Additional Services with Evening Rental

Additional Information
Conference Rooms Please call for conference room rental information.
Dance Floor Set-Up $200
Planetarium Program $300 35-minute program. Max. capacity 70. Planetarium is in adjacent building.
Special Exhibits Based on Availability
Animal Programs Based on Availability