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Visitors have several opportunities to see the fish and other animals being fed.

Saturday 10:30am Otter & Friends Enrichment
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 11:00am Fish/Turtle Feeding
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00am Trout Feeding
Friday 12:30pm Alligator Feeding
Daily 1:00pm Enrichment Activity*
Daily 1:30pm Aviary Feeding
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 2:00pm Aquarium Feeding
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2:00pm Touch Tank Feeding
First Wednesday of the month 2:00pm Bee Encounter Program
Tuesday, Saturday 3:00pm Behind-the-Scenes $
Wednesday 2:30pm Scuba Program
Wednesday 3:00pm Every Animal Has a Story Tour $
Third Thursday of the month 3:00pm All About Otters $

*(Enrichment Activity Dependent on Day of the Week)
$(Additional Fee Associated with Activity)


The following schedule will be followed for the animal enrichment at 1pm every day, subject to weather or exhibit issues beyond our control. Enrichment activities are designed to elicit natural behaviors: to encourage the animals to forage and work for their food, patrol their territory on the lookout for other animals, and just be more active in general. Mental stimulation is so important because the Museum’s animals don’t have to deal with the everyday issues of living in the wild.



Monday 1:00pm Coyote Enrichment
Tuesday 1:00pm Vulture Enrichment
Wednesday 1:00pm Alligator Enrichment
Thursday 1:00pm Otter Enrichment
Friday 1:00pm Beaver Enrichment
Saturday 1:00pm Red Wolf Enrichment
Sunday 1:00pm Otter Enrichment

Bee Encounter Program

Bee-programLearn about bees, beekeeping, their importance to our food supply and the threats facing bees around the world in this informal program near the Museum’s new beehive. The presenter will be either Andy Westrich, who designed and built the new beehive as a gift to the Museum, or a member of Colonial Beekeepers.

Day/Time: First Wednesday at 2pm.

Cost: Included in Museum admission.

Special Tours

Get a closer look at the Virginia Living Museum’s animals and exhibits with specialty tours of all kinds conducted by members of the Museum’s Curatorial staff.  Go behind-the-scenes, walk with the keeper, see our animal clinic and what it takes to be a vet, hear the stories of our animals before they joined us and so much more!  Special Tours are offered for an additional fee and are offered year-round and even more added during Summer months.

Year Round Tours


Spring & Summer Tours