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A Brief History of the James River: A Raucous Journey Through Geological Time

Date(s) - January 20th
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Speaker: Christopher “Chuck” Bailey, PhD | Professor, College of William and Mary – Geology Department

Presentation Summary: The James River courses across Virginia from the high ridges of the Appalachians through the Piedmont and to the sea at Hampton Roads. This talk discusses the age, origin, and geological history of Virginia’s major river. The James River is a historic waterway, but we’ll look beyond human history to uncover the secrets of deep time and the paleogeography of Virginia from hundreds of million of years ago to the present.

Speaker Bio: Christopher (Chuck Bailey) is a professor of Geology at William & Mary. He teaches courses on the Earth’s Environmental Systems, Weather & Climate, Planetary Geology, Earth Surface Processes, and Structural Geology. His research focuses on the geological evolution of Virginia, as well as more distant locales in the western US, Norway, and Oman. Over the past two and a half decades he has paddled most of Virginia’s major waterways by canoe for both research and fun.

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