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Bee-utiful Bees!

Date(s) - May 20th
10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Do you like honey?  If so – you can thank honey bees for that sweet gift!  We can also thank the beekeepers who raise and care for bees and collect that delicious honey.  That’s not all these amazing insects give us – all kinds of products like moisturizers, soaps. candles and more can be made with honey and other bee-produced materials.  Join us on “Bee-utiful Bees!” day to learn more about the lives of bees.  You’ll meet local beekeepers, learn how they do their jobs, and see how honey bees help provide us with so many interesting and useful products.

Also, you won’t want to miss the colorful and creative “Painted Hive Body” display sponsored by the Nansemond Beekeeper’s Association May 14th through May 20.  These amazing works of functional art are the wooden boxes beekeepers use to cover the actual hives of bees.  This is the 3rd year these locally-created art works have been displayed in the museum’s front lobby.  They’ll be here all week – don’t miss seeing them – and you can even bid to own one in a silent auction!  Saturday, May 20, you can also vote for your favorites to win the annual competition!


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