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Frogs and Fairytales

Frogs and Fairytales March 30

Activities: 9am – 5pm


It’s B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Tiara) and frog kissing is optional!

Wear your fairytale costumes (pirates, princesses, fairytale creatures!).

The storybooks come alive for a full day of frogs, princess and storytelling!

Brothers & Sisters Grimm Improv Fairytales Show

Time: 10am

Cost: Members $7, Non-Members $10 (museum admission also required)

Location: Lab – limited to 75 seats (lap sitter 2 and under are free)

Reserve your spot for the LIVE show at 10am featuring Brothers & Sisters Grimm Improv Fairytales and Princesses Belle and Fiona!

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Wear your princess dresses, tiaras and storybook costumes for a day of crafts and games, met our mascot frog, Fiona the Singing Princess and so much more!


Ongoing Activities

Cost: included in museum admission

11am-2pm   Frog, Mermaid, and Dragon Activities

2pm-5pm   Troll, Fairy, and Lochness Activities


Cost: included in museum admission

  •  Be an Ogre and learn about swamp habitats – Make Ogre Earwax!
  •  Make Mermaid Treasures and learn about beaches with shells and model magic.
  •  Slay the Dragon and make a catapult using rubber bands and popsicle sticks.
  •  Treasure Hunt Craft  – hunt for treasure and turn it into art!
  •  Pretend you are a Troll in the cave and use rocks and minerals to light up the dark!
  • Learn about fresh water ecosystems with the Creature Roll and Draw Activity.


Planetarium Shows

Cost: All daytime programs cost $4 plus Museum admission. VLM members are admitted free to day-time programs. Tickets are available at the front desk.

10:30am   Legends of the Night Sky: Orion

11:30am    Legends: Persius and Andromeda

12:30pm    Back to the Moon

1:30pm       Skies of Jamestown

2:30pm       Virginia Skies

3:30pm       Noisy Neighbors: A Frog Story

Animal Shows

Cost: included in museum admission

12pm, 1pm and 2pm  – Located on the Main level