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Temporary Exhibits

Amazing Pollinators

Opens June 18 – September 18

Pollinators are everywhere! They play a vital part in our world’s ecosystem, and are an incredibly varied group.

Amazing Pollinators is a visually-stunning, game-based, role-play adventure immersing audiences in the colorful and diverse world of pollinator/plant relationships.

Developed in collaboration with the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, the exhibit weaves fascinating stories with urgent messages about pollinators, the critical work they do, and their importance to people and planet.

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In this exhibit, visitors can learn and interact with:

Mission Maze

We know about the bees and butterflies that buzz and flutter through our backyards, but what kind of pollinators live in other environments? Can pollinators live in the desert? What do farms do to help pollinators? How does the time of day affect pollinator activity?

You will learn all this and more as you travel through the Mission Maze, a thrilling interactive adventure! Traverse through the ecosystems and take on missions to learn about specific plants and animals. You’ll be a-maze-d at what you find!

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Bats & Birds

Bugs aren’t the only pollinators – take a look at Bats & Birds! Discover how these aerial mammals and awesome avians contribute to  pollination.

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The Night

Pollination is a 24 hour job! Plants and animals have evolved all over the world for night activity, seeking refuge from daytime dangers.

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Meet the pollinators

What is a pollinator? Is it just bees, or do other animals contribute to this process as well? Here, learn all about what makes an animal a pollinator, and quiz yourself to see just how much you learned!

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Young Pollinators

Our younger guests will have a blast in these activities!

  • Dress up as a pollinator in the Suit-Up Zone and learn what it feels like to be a pollinator!
  • Build your own garden!
  • The Pollinator Pitch Bean Bag Toss is great for family fun and hand-eye coordination!

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Pollinator Parlor Games

These games will both entertain and educate you all about the world of pollinators.

  • Delicate Ecosystem Balance Tower: this familiar tower stacking game perfectly highlights the unique interaction between people, plants and pollinators.
  • Mason Bee Mancala: putting a unique twist on this traditional game, you will mimic the process that Mason Bees use to transfer pollen between flowers.
  • Mutualism Dominoes: plants and pollinators have a beneficial relationship called Mutualism, where each organism helps the other. Learn about how these plants and pollinators adapt to each other over time!
  • Invasive Species Shuffleboard: organisms of all kinds can be invasive if they are non-native, are increasing in prevalence, and threaten the diversity and abundance of native organisms. This battle for dominance is perfectly explained – through Shuffleboard!

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FAQ Flip Door Column

Before you start your journey, stop here and learn about how the maze and missions work, as well as what you can do to help pollinators in your own local community. The games and activities you enjoy here will enable you to make a positive impact on the environment for years to come.

Companion Programs

Pollinators & Pals Animal Show

Time: 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, daily (June 18 – September 5)

Duration: 15 minutes

Come learn all about the wonderful Virginia native species and how they interact with pollinators! VLM Educators are happy to share what we know and answer questions that you might have!