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Backyard Adventures

Coming February 5 – May 1, 2022

There is a hidden world of science waiting to be discovered in the backyard!

From the biological interactions between plants and insects, the zoology of nocturnal animals, the horticultural know how to that goes into growing giant vegetables, the mathematical genius needed to lay pavers and the feats of construction that can go on in the shed, the backyard is full of science.

Step into a garden, complete with gnomes, ants and a giant spider that will engage visitors with science and technology and enable them to continue discovering in the future!  Featuring: Garden Golf, Night Vision, Augmented Reality Garden Bed, Nectar Collector, Paver Puzzle, Food Web Pond, The Garden Shed, Critter Calls and more!

Garden Golf

Try your hand at the backyard themed mini golf. Be warned, you’ll need more than good putting skills to get around this course!

Night Vision

Investigate the creatures that live in your garden at night. What do they do when you go to sleep? Try to find the animals in their own environment.

Augmented Reality Garden Bed

Dig down in the ‘dirt’ and see if you can spot the different layers of soil. Use your hands to make it rain and see the effects.

Nectar Collector

Jump on board the magnificent flying bee for a bee’s eye view of the garden. Try your luck at pollinating flowers, collecting pollen for honey production and seeing if you can hack it in the cut-throat world of bees.

Paver Puzzle

Just one of the DIY projects that someone just hasn’t had time to complete. Can you create a path out of odd shaped pavers?

Food Web Pond

Explore the intricacies of backyard animal-insect-plant interactions at the pond. Investigate which creatures rely on other creatures to survive in this frog eat insect world.

The Garden Shed

Most gardens have them: a haven for tools, the lawn mower and maybe the BBQ. Step inside the shed and see what you can create with the tools and objects left lying around on the work benches.

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Critter Calls

Investigate some of the animal noises that can be heard in many backyards. Can you identify the calls from some common birds, frogs and insects?

Companion Programs:

Title: Backyard Naturalists Animal Show

Description: Animals are all around you including your backyard! Meet various ambassador animals and discuss ways we can help protect their wild counterparts.

Days: Saturdays and Sundays (Feb. 5 – May 1, 2022) Also President’s Day, Monday February 21, 2022.

Times:  11:30am, 12:30pm and 1:30pm