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Abbitt Planetarium

abbitt-planetarium-1Travel the universe in the digital Abbitt Planetarium Theater. The 71-seat planetarium theater, renovated and upgraded in 2008, offers a fully digital simulation of the sky, allowing us to travel anywhere in our known universe at the touch of a button. It is able to project the sky as seen from anywhere on the Earth, at any time between 99,999 BC and 99,999 AD.

A SkyLase RGB LED laser system allows us to draw bright images on the dome in numerous formats. Our eMedia projection system gives us full Internet access to show real-time images of various events in space, including streaming NASA TV for live launch events.

The show schedule varies by season, and usually includes a program for preschoolers, a live sky show and a companion program to a changing exhibit or a space science program.

The planetarium is open Friday-Sunday. Day programs are $6 plus museum admission. VLM members are admitted free to day-time shows.

Star Party/Laser Nights are held on the second Saturday evening of every month. These include free stargazing and several shows: a planetarium show, family, hard rock and Pink Floyd laser shows. All shows are $5 for VLM members and $8 for non-members. See the calendar.

Special evening shows are presented for holidays, including Fourth of July and Christmas. All shows are $5 for VLM members and $8 for non-members. See the calendar.

Now showing in the Planetarium

Abbitt Observatory

See spectacular views of the sun from the Abbitt Observatory with a variety of instruments, including our 16 inch Meade telescope. We offer daytime observations of the Sun, as well as periodic nighttime views of the stars, planets, nebulae, galaxies and other celestial wonders. Daytime observatory viewing is dependent on weather and staff availability. Stargazing is held on the second Saturday evening of every month and is free.