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Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature Welcome to my video blog. I am Page Hayhurst, Executive Director of the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, Virginia. Our museum is a very special place, made even more special by the incredible people who work and volunteer here! I would like you to meet some of these very special people....true Forces of Nature!

Meet Harry Wason and Mary Sherwood Holt

The latest edition of the “Forces of Nature” video blog features founders Harry Wason and Mary Sherwood Holt as they share stories of the Virginia Living Museum’s beginnings in 1966. This interview is conducted in celebration of our 50th Anniversary by VLM Executive Director Page Hayhurst…

Meet Fred Farris

Virginia Living Museum Deputy Director, Fred Farris has been instrumental in the development of the museum over many years. His expertise as an educator, zoologist and botanist as well as his extensive knowledge of green living has helped shape the museum into what it is today! …

Meet Sarah Wilcox

Managing the Wild Things Museum Store at the Virginia Living Museum is no small feat.  Sarah Wilcox, keeps true to the museum’s mission while providing unique gifts for visitors.

Meet George Mathews Jr.

Since 1976, George Mathews Jr. has been committed to serving the VLM and now he holds the position of Curatorial Director. He is ultimately responsible for all the animals and has a personal connection to all of our furry, feathered and finned animals!

Meet Kathy Howell

She lends her outstanding creative talents to benefit the Virginia Living Museum and our mission to “Protect What’s Precious”. Meet President & Creative Director of Howell Creative Group, Kathy Howell.