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Growing Wild

Darl Fletcher is the Virginia Living Museum's Horticulture Curator as well as an avid photographer.

Plant of the month

The plant of the month for March is Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica).  In late winter, grass like green leaves begin to emerge from a tuber, which resembles a potato referred to by some as fairy spuds. This spring ephemeral starts blooming in March as a…

Spring Native Plant Sale Brings Museum Propagated Plants

During the winter, the horticulture staff and volunteers have been busy propagating plants for the Virginia Living Museum Spring Native Plant Sale. In November we began planting seeds and placing them in the refrigerator for stratification. After the required number of cold days, stratified flats…

Fall is the perfect time to plant

September 15, 2016 After struggling through the heat and drought of summer, fall offers the perfect conditions for planting. Cooler temperatures and increased rainfall are beneficial for your new plantings and more pleasant for gardening. So now is the perfect time to start thinking about…