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Teen Conservationist

New Program

A group of 15-18 year olds that team up for an 9-week summer program to teach museum guests about local conservation issues and ways to help our planet’s health through interactive activities.

Learn the basics of ecology and about some of the conservation issues that we encounter in Coastal Virginia. Be trained in interpretation and how to start the conversation on conservation!

You must be friendly and outgoing, and able to attend the training sessions:


  • Orientation: June 24, 2-5pm
  • Living Green/Conservation and Ozone Gardens: July 1, 4-6pm
  • Artifacts and Animals Interpretation: July 2, 9-12pm
  • Trail and Pond Specimens: July 20, 4-6pm

Summer Shifts

June 25-August 26
1-2 shifts per week, choice of Monday-Friday, 11-1pm or 1-3pm

Must apply before: June 1


To enhance the museum guest’s understanding and appreciation of our natural environment. To interact directly with the public by sharing knowledge of conservation issues by engaging them with activities, artifacts and live animals.Providing excellent customer service to all guests.

Interpretive Duties

  • Greet all guests in a friendly, respectful and enthusiastic manner.
  • Anticipate and answer guest questions as they arise.
  • Represent the museum in a professional and knowledgeable manner at all times, to include dress and speech.
  • Provide accurate and current information of the subject matter taught in the training classes.
  • Be responsible for artifact and model items brought to various areas of the museum.
  • Know how to handle guest issues and who to refer them to in certain cases.
  • Adhere to museum policies and procedures.
  • Work as a team with other Teen Conservationists, Team Captains and staff across the museum.


  • Must have completed Volunteer Application, have a Jr. Recommendation Form turned in by teacher, coach, advisor, etc. and have been officially on-boarded by the Volunteer Services Manager.
  • Must have taken Teen Conservationist Orientation AND most if not ALL other T.C. training sessions.
  • All Teen Conservationists must have 1-2 shifts per week.
  • It is necessary that you report on time when scheduled.  If you are not able to attend, it is required that you inform Volunteer Services in advance so that a substitute can be found.
  • Strong interest in wildlife,and natural and environmental sciences.
  • Desire to educate others in a friendly and approachable manner.
  • Be willing and physically able to walk, stand and carry item bins (~15lbs).
  • Ability to represent the museum in a positive and professional way through attitude, appearance, and actions.


Reports to Team Captains and Volunteer Services Staff.