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Mission: Volunteering

Mission VolunteeringEnjoy insider news from the Virginia Living Museum's Volunteer Services Department where over 550 active volunteers make the museum a wildly successful place to visit!

Go Places While Volunteering!

The VLM is one of the volunteering programs in the Hampton Roads area that’s based on educational development and enrichment.  Each activity-oriented program is presented in a relaxed, hands-on format and includes classroom instruction combined with opportunities to examine specimens from the Museum’s extensive collections…

Life at the Touch Tank

February 22, 2018 The Chesapeake Bay Touch Tank is by far the most popular destination year round at the VLM. While most of the museum’s exhibits are welcoming to all ages, the Touch Tank is the destination where kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy and understand…

Mission Volunteering: Citizen Science

Mission: Volunteering –Citizen Science: Frog Watch USA “Love to wonder…that is the seed of science” – Ralph Waldo Emerson  Frog Watch USA is an AZA citizen science program that strives to involve volunteers in large scale data collection of frogs and toads throughout the U.S.,…