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Exploration ICE AGE: Unearthing Extinctions

02/13/2021 - 04/11/2021
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Quaternary Extinction, includes the loss of the animals found in North America at the end of the ice age, such as saber-tooth cats, mammoths, and mastodons. Many of their relatives are still around today – some even live in a habitat along the Virginia Living Museum’s outdoor trail. It is predicted around one million animal and plant species are currently threatened with extinction. Discover how you can help the outlook of our future biodiversity by unearthing extinctions of the past in this temporary exhibit.

Extinctions are not just historical events, they are also happening right now. To protect Earth’s biodiversity in the present day, we can look to the past to learn how ancient life survived. 

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Exploration ICE AGE: Unearthing Extinctions

Military Family Weekend

04/10/2021 - 04/11/2021
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sponsored by: Mason and Associates

In honor of our Military Families we will offer these special discounts for the weekend of April 10-11.


  • $20 off all membership levels 
  • 20% off Wild Things Museum Store for all military who are VLM Members
  • 10% off Wild Things Museum Store for all military who are not VLM Members


Military Family Weekend

LIVE STARturday Night

7:30 pm - 8:00 pm

LIVE STARturday Night!

The Virginia Living Museum STARGAZING goes virtual on FACEBOOK LIVE STREAM! Join us at 7:30pm live for 30 minutes to talk with Dr. Kelly Herbst about what’s going on in the evening sky right now and how you can find things for yourself! We will be using Starry Night Dome planetarium software (many thanks to Spitz, Inc. for giving us access to this great resource!) so we are guaranteed to be able to do some “observing” no matter what the weather is like…and then you can take what you learn outside and do a little stargazing for yourself whenever the sky in your area permits!
And please bring your questions! We’re excited to have this chance to interact with you again!