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Destination: Dinosaurs!

Immerse yourself in the prehistoric world at the Virginia Living Museum!

Discover life-sized animatronic dinosaurs and interactive displays, find relics of the past as you dig for fossils and learn about linkages to the present. Dinosaurs inside the Museum, in the Conservation Gardens and on the Dinosaur Discovery Trail in the woods create an expansive destination. From the towering T-Rex to the tanky Stegosaurus, you’ll encounter creatures that will take your breath away.

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Turtle Census 2023

The Virginia Living Museum Education and Herpetology staff began a multi-year research project to monitor the population changes of freshwater turtles in a local watershed over time.

Every year in June and July we set out live-capture, baited hoop nets in Deer Park Lake to catch and survey as many turtles as possible. VLM Staff and volunteers gather all of the turtles that are collected in these nets and spend the morning identifying the species and sex of the turtles, cleaning the shell to remove any stuck-on algae, and using a special marking system to determine whether each turtle is new for the year or a recapture from previous years.

In 2023 the dates are:

  • June 24 (8:30am- 11am)
  • July 8 (8:30am- 11am)
  • July 15 (8:30am- 11am)
The 11am end time is an estimation, census activities will go until completion.

Please wear weather appropriate attire, this event will take place outside. Gloves will be provided. Please bring your own water bottle.

You will be handling wild turtles during this event. By purchasing tickets, you are assuming all risks.

Photos will be taken at this event and may be used for promotional material.

Pollinator Week

Join us as we celebrate National Pollinator Week! Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and learn about the vital role that pollinators play in our ecosystem. Be captivated by an enlightening bee talk, where you will gain insights into the fascinating lives of these essential creatures and their significance in sustaining our environment. Plus, you can pick up some of our pollinator-friendly plants that are on sale year-around to take home and create your own buzzing garden.

Pollinator Week Plant Info