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Memorial Day Planetarium Shows

Cost: Members free, non-members $6 per show.

Beyond the Night

Time: 11:30am

Explore the wonders of the night that can only be seen by telescope.

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Stars to Starfish

Time: 12:30pm

Explore our connections to one another, the life all around us, and to the cosmos. Recommended ages 10 and up.

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Virginia Skies

Time: 1:30pm

A live guided tour of the current evening sky with a staff astronomer.

Recommended for all ages.

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Wild Exploration

This summer, let your imagination run wild as you uncover the wonders of the natural world right in your own backyard! Explore interactive displays and immerse yourself in the fun of classic lawn games that showcase the diversity of flora and fauna. Challenge your friends and family to a game of giant Jenga, Cornhole, or Connect Four. As you play, you’ll learn valuable lessons in the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the importance of conservation. From buzzing bees to chirping crickets, you’ll marvel at the intricate web of life that surrounds us.

Wild Exploration