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On a Winter’s Day

February 8, 2017.

I’ve been for a walk…on the Outdoor Trail.  And even though the leaves were brown, the skies were decidedly very blue (not gray), and the weather quite pleasant.  As always, lots to look at, including the two beavers asleep in the sunshine…

The red fox, gray fox and coyote were a little over-dressed for the weather–here you see them in their beautiful thick winter coats.  In the spring and summer they’ll shed their winter coats in favor of a sleeker summer coat.  At that point, guests sometimes wonder why the animals look so “mangy,” but it’s just the shedding process.  But for now they have winter coats–despite the balmy temperatures:

In the Outdoor Wetlands Aviary, I spotted some of my favorites–a colorful male wood duck, an elegant male pintail duck, a yellow-crowned night heron (yes, it really does have two legs–but birds often roost with one leg tucked under), and a snowy egret grooming–its delicate white plumage back lit by the afternoon sun:

Just outside the Aviary in Deer Park Pond, the wild carp (these looked to be about a foot-and-a half long) were at the surface of the water…

Further down the Trail, both the eagles and the vultures (turkey vulture pictured below) were basking in the sunshine:

The male turkey was not so much interested in basking as strutting his stuff, trying to impress the girls by fanning his tail:

And one of my favorite animals, the bobcat, was enjoying a roll in–you guessed it–all the brown leaves:

So, don’t just dream about it–go do something and enjoy your day!  Cheers, Lisa


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