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Lindera benzoin – same family as cinnamon, bay laurel and sassafras

Height: 6-15 feet
Light: Shade to part shade
Moisture: Prefers moist soil
Bloom Time: March
Flower Color: Greenish-yellow; red fruits
Foliage: Green that turn yellow in fall; is dioecious

Small tree, attractive in form and bearing what resembles red coffee beans. Smooth olive green twigs with leaves scented like spicy lemon when crushed.

Attractive yellowish buds, small yellow flowers, red fruits and yellow fall foliage.

The spicebush can be either a shrub or a tree, depending on habit. It attracts spicebush, tiger, and zebra swallowtail butterflies; robins, thrashers, swallows, catbirds, and bobwhites.