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Reptile Weekend 2017

March 29, 2017.

Reptile Weekend was this past weekend here at the Museum, and once again the great folks from Reptile Education of Virginia (REV) shared their passion for exotic reptiles with our guests.  I had a chance to talk to several REV members, including Scott, Jessica and Cindy–many thanks to them and all the dedicated members of REV.  I took a few photos of some of my favorites…I’m especially fond of the geckos, including a couple of leaf-tailed geckos that I’ve never seen before–what a treat!

Satanic leaf-tailed gecko, native to Madagascar

Mossy leaf-tailed gecko (it sticks to glass really well!), native to Madagascar

Tokay gecko, native to parts of Asia, Southeast Asia, some Pacific islands; gets up to 14 in. long

Gargoyle gecko, native to parts of New Caledonia (islands east of Australia)

REV brought some fascinating snakes as well–I’ll admit I’m partial to the colorful ones!

Blood python, native to rainforests, marshes and swamps of Southeast Asia

Carpet python, very good at climbing trees, native to Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea

Northern black-tailed rattlesnake, venomous, native to the desert southwest United States and northern Mexico

My all-time favorite has to be the Argentine black and white tegu–a really BIG lizard native to Argentina and parts of Brazil.  By big, I mean they get up to 4 1/2 feet long!  An omnivore, it prefers mostly forest-edged savannahs.  I tried to capture some candid shots of the critter sticking its tongue out–here’s a series of shots where it licked its lips, then gave a big yawn.

Jessica, many thanks for sharing your amazing tegu with us!

Owner, Jessica, with her black & white tegu named Severus

Again, thanks to REV for showcasing their amazing reptiles!  For more on REV:

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