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Virginia Fishes

Virginia FishesAs the Virginia Living Museum's Aquarium Curator, Chris Crippen manages the indoor aquatic habitats and aquatic program animals representing over 15o species of indigenous fish and invertebrates living in habitat aquariums ranging from 30 to 30,000 gallons. His passion for Virginia Fishes is shared here. View Original Blog

Turtle Census part 2

The second session began with a talk from Travis Land, our Herpetology Curator, who spoke about turtle husbandry.  He talked about what it means to have a turtle in your care and what they need to survive.  Committing to having a turtle for a pet…

Longfin darters

The VLM displays only native fishes and invertebrates – with a few exceptions in the coral reef exhibit – so I exert a great deal of effort to maximize the number of interesting species we display. Fortunately, Virginia has one of the greatest number of…


Three weeks ago, a bird was brought into the museum because it had fallen out of a tree and did not seem well. This happens almost daily at the Living Museum; many members of public bring us injured or abandoned animals. I responded to the…