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Visit Blogs from Virginia Living Museum experts.



Cosmic Strings

Astronomy Curator Dr. Kelly Herbst blogs about the universe.

Cold-Blooded Creatures

Herpetology Curator Travis Land blogs about snakes and other reptiles.

Critter Corner

Birds and Mammal Curator Robin Sutker blogs about the museum’s animals.


Growing Wild

Horticulture Curator Darl Fletcher blogs about native plants.

Lifelong Learning

Education Director Nicole Burns blogs about lifelong learning.


Mission Volunteering

Volunteer Services Director Shandran Thornburg blogs about volunteering.


Virginia Fishes

VLM Aquarium Curator, Patrycja Lawryniuk blogs about Virginia’s fishes.

Chris Crippen230x270


Sr. Director of Animal Welfare & Conservation, Chris Crippen blogs about conserving planet earth.


VLM Through the Years

Phoebe Doty blogs about the Museum’s first five decades.