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student-tours-1View red wolves, the most endangered mammal in North America. Get up close to a loggerhead sea turtle and jellyfish. See fish with no eyes and frogs that change colors. Explore living replicas of a cypress swamp, Appalachian mountain cove and limestone cave. Touch live spider crabs and fossilized dinosaur tracks.

The Virginia Living Museum introduces students to more than 250 living species native to Virginia through exhibits, discovery centers and interactive hands-on exhibits. All exhibits correlate with and reinforce national science standards.

General Information

Summer Rates: Adults $19, Students $14 (Group of ten or more)
See Teacher section for school-year rates.
Complimentary admission to coach driver, teachers and one adult chaperone per ten students.

Performance Venue

The Virginia Living Museum is the perfect place for your performing group! The Museum’s 100-seat outdoor amphitheater and its entrance courtyard are the perfect places for your group to perform. There is plenty of room, the acoustics are great (the animals won’t be disturbed!) and there are places for your audience to sit and enjoy the show. At the conclusion of the performance, your group can spend a few hours relaxing and learning about the wildlife of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay.

Available Performance Times:
Weekdays – 11am to 5pm
Saturday – 9am to 5pm
Sunday – Noon to 5pm

Fee: no additional fee to perform

Assembly Program for Student Tour Groups

This customized educational package for a large middle school or high school tour group adds an assembly style natural science program to a self guided visit to all exhibits.

Survival – It’s Wild!

During your tour of the Virginia Living Museum you’ll meet lots of animals – but not like this! The “Survival – It’s Wild” assembly style program invites your group to meet some of our special live animals and learn how they locate food and shelter, survive environmental extremes and avoid determined predators. Combine incredible animals with audience participation and you get “Survival – It’s Wild” – a recipe for a truly memorable experience!

Availability: Monday through Friday, 1:30pm – 4:30pm from September through mid-June.
Length of Program: 45 minutes
Program Fee: $5.00 per student with up to 90 students per program. Minimum $250 for one program, $500 for 2 consecutive programs. (Program fee in addition to self-guided visit admission.)

Small Group Programs for Student Tour Groups

Choose a 20-minute natural history discovery program for a more in-depth visit. Each program is filled with hands-on interactive opportunities to discover the amazing diversity of animal groups and extraordinary adaptations found in the natural world. Each fun and engaging learning experience is capped off by meeting live animals – up close and personal!

Chesapeake Bay Challenge

What kinds of fascinating animals live in the Chesapeake Bay? Learn about habitats, survival skills, feeding – and more!

Birds: Flights of Wonder

Feathers and wings are just part of the story – investigate how birds use their wondrous array of “tools” and adaptations to help them survive life’s challenges.

Remarkable Reptiles & Awesome Amphibians!

Don’t be afraid – be amazed! See, touch and explore the many ways that these fascinating and misunderstood animal groups make their way in the wild world.

Availability: Monday through Friday, 1:30pm-4:30pm from September through mid-June.
Length of Program: 20 minutes
Program Fee: $5.00 per student with up to 50 students per program. Minimum $200 per program. (Program fee in addition to self-guided visit admission.)


Reservations: call 757-595-9135 or email.

Advance deposit with signed contract is required.
Cash, check or credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or VISA) are accepted.
Cancellation without penalty is 30 days prior to visit.