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ASTC Passport Program

ASTC logoThe Virginia Living Museum participates in the The Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) Passport Program. The ASTC Passport Program is a travel benefit for members of local museums traveling outside their area. It is not a regional membership program.

There are two restrictions for use of the ASTC Passport at the VLM:

  1. Memberships must be active at a museum located more than 90 miles from the VLM (location restriction). The Virginia Living Museum does not reciprocate with the Science Museum of Virginia.
  2. Your current physical address must be located more than 90 miles from the VLM (residency restriction).

Admissions staff reserve the right to request proof of physical address for benefits to apply.

The discount is offered to two adults and two children under the age of 18 living in the same household. The discount applies to museum admission only. It does not include free admission to additional attractions such as classes, special events and planetarium shows and it does not include discounts offered to VLM members.

Nanny Policy

Please note policy update:

As of October 2018, we no longer offer a “nanny” as a free third adult on our memberships. We are still able to accommodate nannies by using one of the following options:

  • An individual membership can be purchased in the nanny’s name. Using this option, the nanny would check-in under his/her membership; then would check the children in under their parent’s membership. This option would allow the nanny to freely visit The Virginia Living Museum with or without the members (children or adults) being present.
  • The second option is to upgrade the membership level by adding guests. This would allow the nanny to accompany the member (children or adults) by checking in as a guest. This option would require the member adults or the member children to be present during every visit. When using the guest option you do NOT have to name the individuals who will be coming to the museum (meaning it this option allows you to accommodate friends, family, and caregivers every time you come).

For more information, please contact the membership coordinator at (757)595-1900 ext. 240.


The Virginia Living Museum does not participate in the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) reciprocal admission program.

North Carolina Aquariums

The Virginia Living Museum offers a 50% discount off regular admission to members of the North Carolina Aquariums. The discount applies to two adults and two children.


As a thank you to active duty military, the Virginia Living Museum offers a $15 savings on any level of general membership with a valid military photo ID .


The Virginia Living Museum has a “No Weapons” policy. Weapons include (but are not limited to) firearms and knives.


The museum is a smoke-free facility, including e-cigarettes.

Service Animals

Service dogs are the only animals allowed on the premises.