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WATER|WAYS – A Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition

May 27 – July 9, 2017

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Water is a critical resource. An essential component of life on our planet, water powers the environment’s engine, impacting climate and helping to shape and sculpt the landscape. Water’s impact on humans is not just biological and environmental; it also serves as a source of peace and contemplation, especially in our coastal community. Water|Ways focuses on the numerous relationships between people and water. How has water shaped our history and traditions? How does it impact our daily life? What does the future hold for water?

  • Want to see what it takes to keep water clean in an aquarium? Stop by our Aquaculture tank to learn about various filtration elements
  • Enter the “Surf Zone” where you can put your balancing skills to the test
  • What is a watershed? An engaging video presentation tells you all about it
  • Come by our craft table where kids can create their favorite water animal and add it to the water scene banner

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Museum Companion Program:

Oasis in Space Planetarium Show

Learn more about the importance of water to life on this planet, explore the solar system to find where else water exists, and consider whether life may exist there. Cost: Free for VLM members, $4 plus admission for non members. Check the calendar.

(Photo courtesy of Florida Humanities Council)

(Photo courtesy of Pat Jarrett)