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You Otter Be My Valentine

February 14, 2017.

Happy Valentine’s Day to All!  For those of you that visit the Museum often, I’m sure you’ve seen our resident mascots, two river otters named Molly and Moe.  They’re fun to watch–graceful swimmers, they amuse both young and old alike with their playful swimming.

When not in the water, they might be spotted tucked into a corner, curled up asleep.  But another behavior you might see is something called “allogrooming,” basically mutual grooming, where the otters groom each other’s fur.  Sounds boring, right?  Yep, maybe so, but otters look so darn cute when they do it!  And though it looks endearing, it’s really just a practical necessity in an otter’s life–keeping your fur coat spiffy-looking is important if you spend a lot of time in the water.  In the wild, otters form social groups–usually family groups–and this type of behavior is very common.

Here’s a series of shots I took recently.  Molly is on the left, Moe is on the right… enjoy the cuteness!

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