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A little squirrelly in the hedge

Hey everyone! It’s been a bit but I’m back to posting. Have been away from the Museum for a few days. Wow, it’s hard to believe that September is here! What a summer it has been. So much going on this year, whew. Remember that even though autumn is on its way, there may still be a few baby animals that might make an appearance. This month is often a time for baby squirrels to come out of their nests to explore and get ready for the winter. There may be an occasion where a squirrel is found out of its nest, and this is part of growing up. Sometimes babies will begin to explore their surroundings and may be nervous or scared and disoriented. If you come across a baby squirrel, it’s best to try to leave it out there for mama squirrel to come back. Often, mama has been away getting herself ready for the winter and will occasionally leave the youngsters alone for periods of time while she forages. Much of the time, if the youngster is fussing, mom will hear her baby fussing and will come back after a little while and carry the fussy youngster back to the nest. Squirrels sometimes nest in multiple places and will move their young to different locations as well. It’s okay to leave them alone for a bit and eventually mom will return. If for some reason the baby is definitely thought to be abandoned, please call the VLM’s animal care line for further advice. But please remember, it may take a little while for the mother to come back and she won’t necessarily come back if there’s very large and scary invader in her territory. So leave the scene for awhile and come back to check on them later. Most likely, you will find that mom has come back and rescued the baby while you were away from the scene.

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