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Coming Soon: Underwater Videos!

Ice on Pines

I have always preferred using film cameras, especially with slide film, because of the clarity, color saturation,  and super-fine grain. I take pride in creating and using original images here at the VLM for my blog, articles etc. Photographing fishes requires a lot of creative lighting and film solutions to shooting in, through, or above water and I love to get underwater images whenever possible. However, shooting underwater requires fast film (poor for color and image quality) and lots of light, usually external flashes or strobes. This is not only disruptive to the fishes in the tank, but impractical. But now, thanks to Santa’s generosity, I will soon be able to produce high quality digital underwater pictures and videos. Our next dive is Thursday December 29th and I hope to produce at least a few images to post on this blog, so keep an eye out for them. Around New Year’s we will also be writing about our upcoming projects for the year and hopefully some updated or entirely new exhibits! Have a great holiday season from the aquarium department at the VLM.

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