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A Plea to Mr. Bill Murray


Grant Gregory, Animal Keeper, has relinquished posting duties for “Critter Corner” this week, so that the VLM Curatorial Director, George Mathews is able to post his official PLEA on behalf of Chesapeake Chuck … to the one and only BILL MURRAY.  #HelpChuckMeetBillMurray

January 21, 2016

Dear Mr. Murray:

I hope by now that you are familiar with our renowned groundhog, Chesapeake Chuck, who claims to be your #1 Fan.  He has launched an all-out social media campaign (#HelpChuckMeetBillMurray)  to convince you to join him this Groundhog Day on February 2nd, 2016, at the Virginia Groundhog with carrotLiving Museum in Newport News, VA when he makes his official weather prediction at noon.  He is hoping you will help him celebrate not only his favorite holiday, but VLM’s 50th Anniversary!

My name is George Mathews Jr. and I am Chuck’s official handler.  Chuck is in semi-hibernation right now, but he wakes occasionally and his pleading eyes ask me, “Did we get Bill Murray?”  It’s become an obsession.  I promised him I would do my best to help him in his quest. Chesapeake Chuck wrote a letter to Santa asking for you to come and he made New Year’s Resolutions. He sent you a puppet replica of himself.  He even got the Mayor of Newport News to declare Feb. 2nd Bill Murray Day.  He even has patrons of the museum taking selfies with a cardboard cutout of you.  (As a sidenote, the cutout does not do you justice!)

Chesapeake Chuck knows you spend a lot of time in Charleston, SC., and he wanted to come down there and stake it out, but he was just plain too tired with all his hibernating.  We wanted you to know, though, that Charleston is less than 7 hours away by car from us.  You could just take a little detour on your way there or back.  For that matter, we would be glad to come and get you!Groundhog Day - Judy 017

We also have over 70 kindergartners joining us for our official shadow ceremony. They are making groundhog hats to wear to show their support.  Okay, to be honest, kindergartners  don’t know who “Bill Murray” is, but they are awfully cute.  Check out this photo of one from last year’s event.  How can you say “no” to this?

Chesapeake Chuck is one of the sweetest groundhogs you’ll ever meet. He is one of our many native animal ambassadors living here at the museum, who have either been injured, are non-releasable or orphaned.  I was a little jealous whenI heard about his claim that you are his BFF, because I thought I was Chuck’s BFF all these years, but  I am willing to admit you are a little funnier than me.  Still, check out how “Hollywood” we look in this photo.


Chesapeake Chuck  &  George Mathews


If you join us on Groundhog Day, we will make you proud!  And you will make Chesapeake Chuck’s Day… And the kindergartners…And the employees…. And the mayor ….  And all your animal friends at the Virginia Living Museum!  PLEASE come crash our Party on Feb. 2!


George K. Mathews Jr.

Chesapeake Chuck Handler/Curatorial Director of the Virginia Living Museum

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  • Diane Lionetti

    Groundhog Day is my birthday. Good luck, Chuck. I hope Bill Murray comes to celebrate with you.


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