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Diving In

As a lifelong fish enthusiast, I will use this space to share what fascinates me about fishes, with an emphasis on topics relating to saltwater and freshwater (and those in between) fish species in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region. I hope to be an informal educational resource for those who may be interested and provide any insight I can from my professional and personal experiences.

I do not profess to be an expert and urge everyone to consult many sources, especially non-internet sources (although many are excellent) such as books, periodicals, and scientific research materials on topics relevant to the individual’s needs. That being said, I have raised, caught, bought, bred, observed, photographed, released, drawn, painted, written about, read about, been bitten by, barbed, stung, cut, slimed by fish for nearly 35 years, which gives me some unique insight. I also professionally collect, raise, and care for literally thousands of fishes – marine and fresh – including sharks and sea turtles housed in over 200,000 gallons of exhibits and life support systems at a public facility. Additionally, I worked for several years on many long-term scientific finfish research projects and surveys ranging from american eels to bluefish.

But my true hope and intent is to inspire the reader to care for not only fishes but their habitats as well. There is little I would rather do than to be exploring for darters in a mountain stream or snorkeling on a jetty or around piling looking for blennies or filefish. Getting out there and having personal experiences is the goal, learning about what you see then comes naturally and brings the experiences to life again and again, long after, or until you can go out again.

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