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From Whence in the Woods did that Whinny Come?

Did you know the the VLM is home to a few non-releasable Eastern Screech Owls (Otus Asio)? This adorable little bird can be heard amongst the trees in the evening. The screech owl was given it’s name because when it calls, amongst it’s many vocalizations, it has a high pitched squeal, a tiny little whistle, and even a whinny like a horse.

various screech owl calls

Each morning when I come into work, I have the pleasure of hearing one of this little pint-sized birds “say hello” as I’m getting ready for my day.  The bird in a non-releasable red phase screech owl. Eastern Screech owls come in two color phases, one red and one gray, both of beautiful plumage.

The gray phase owl is on the left, and the red phase owl is on the right.


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