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Handsome fellow

Hey Folks,

I’m writing today to let you know that we have recently introduced a young male red fox to our red fox exhibit.  Back in November, we introduced a young female fox to the exhibit, and now we have a new companion for the foxy lady.  The two young foxes actually arrived at the same time and were rescued from a facility that had to close.  We had them in a quarantine area for awhile until they got used to being in their new home. At this time we had an old male fox on display, and it was determined that while the old male fox was still out, we would introduce the young female to the exhibit to get her habituated to being on our nature trail. Once she was used to being in the exhibit, we decided to add the young male so he could get used to being out on the trail.  At this point, the older male was to be retired from the exhibit due to some old age issues, so we decided it was time to reintroduce the young male to his young lady friend. After a couple of days of hiding in our fox den, the young male decided he wanted to see what the exhibit had in store. He was very nervous at first, but now he loves hanging out with the young lady. It was love at first sight! Both foxes were very happy to get reacquainted and see each other again.  They continue to do well on exhibit as they get used to more springtime activity and more visitors. Come on over and check it out.  And don’t worry, the old male is enjoying his retirement and still happy to see his keepers on a daily basis.

Here’s the new young man enjoying some time in the exhibit.





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