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Help Chuck Meet Bill Murray


Grant Gregory, Animal Keeper, has relinquished posting duties for “Critter Corner” this week, so that the VLM Groundhog, Chesapeake Chuck is able to post his official LETTER TO SANTA.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

December 21, 2015
Dear Santa:
It’s me, Chesapeake Chuck, the Virginia Living Museum’s Resident Groundhog – NO relation to Punxsutawney Phil! 
I will keep my list short.
All I want for Christmas is:
Bill Murray!  Bill Murray! Bill Murray! Bill Murray!  

Why, you may ask?
-1Well, you may not know, but I am Bill Murray’s #1 Fan. I knew the minute I saw him in “Groundhog Day” that we were meant to be best buds.  Who, other than Bill, has such a profound connection with our species?  Who, other than Bill, values what we have to offer as prognosticators?  Who, other than Bill, can make that funny groundhog face?

It would be the greatest honor of my life if Bill would celebrate my special day with me (Groundhog Day on Feb. 2nd!) at the   Virginia Living Museum here in Newport News, VA. 

Here are a few reasons you should grant my only Christmas wish:

  1. Bill is my BFF!
  2. This is VLM’s 50th Anniversary:  Rodent it be great if Bill could help us celebrate?
  3. I would relive this special moment over and over again if Bill was by my side!
  4. I’m cuter than Andie McDowell!
  5. And I’m waaaay cuter than that darn gopher in “Caddyshack.”

Hey Santa, thanks for reading this letter and you can really make my Christmas if you #HelpChuckMeetBillMurray…

Groundhog with carrot



Chesapeake Chuck (NOT Punxsutawney Phil!)




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