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Hey everyone!

I know, I know…I never call, I never write, where have I been?  It’s been another crazy summer here at the VLM, with great kids camps and conferences and vacations.  But now, it’s time to get back to business.

And that business is – way cool astronomy!

At long last, we are finally going to be treated to a total lunar eclipse that we can actually see!  The last several such events have occurred as the Moon was setting for us…or ended just as the Moon was rising.  But this September, we get a good one!

Okay, the timing isn’t totally perfect.  If I had total control of the universe, all cool events would happen on Saturdays in the middle of the evening so we could celebrate the night away.  But this is the real universe, and in the real universe, stuff happens when it happens.

The total lunar eclipse I’m all jazzed about is happening on Sunday, September 27.  The eclipse will begin around 9pm, and will last for many hours, ending around 12:30am.  I know Monday is a school & work day…but it’s been about 5 years since the last good lunar eclipse we had…and it will be about 4 years before we get another good one!  That makes this one worth staying up a little late for, right?

Lunar Eclipse

This is going to happen to our Moon on September 27th. The images around the edge show the progression of the Moon from normal to eclipsed. The center Moon on the left is the regular view, the image on the right is the Moon fully eclipsed. Courtesy Wikipedia.

We think so!  We’re hosting a TOTAL LUNA-SEE event on Sunday, September 27, beginning at 7pm.  Early on, we’ll have crafts and activities for the kids, running until about 9pm or so.  There will be a planetarium presentation all about eclipses at 7:30pm, and again at 8:30pm.  At 9pm – the eclipse begins!  We’ll have astronomers and telescopes on hand to help you enjoy it…and if the weather goes against us, we’ll live stream the eclipse on the planetarium dome from some place with clearer skies.  The cost for the event is $8 per person, and that includes your choice of the available planetarium show times.  Members are always half price!

Pick up your tickets now to reserve the show you want.  Don’t miss this exciting astronomical event!

Carpe noctem!


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