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Otters on Exhibit!

Since we put the otters together a couple of months ago, I’m happy to report that they are doing very well together. They’ve adjusted to being on exhibit together and seem to enjoy each other’s company. At night they are separated while eating supper, but are allowed together after they’ve finished eating.  The otters have  learned to transfer to and from exhibit and between their indoor housing areas together and seem very happy to be with each other, although Miss Otter seems to be the boss much of the time. The Museum is currently holding a contest to give Miss Otter a “stage name” and  if you are interested in helping to choose her name, take a look at our facebook page or website.  On November 26, Miss Otter’s “stage name” will be revealed after our annual Turkey Pardoning ceremony, which is at 11 AM next Wednesday.  If you get the chance, stop on by to see our pretty otter girl and find out what her stage name is to be. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the otter transfer:

otter on cart at bldg

The otter has arrived at the building

otter tx to cages

transferred into the holding

otter tx weight

checking to see how she’s doing in her new holding area

otter thru circle

all settled in for now


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