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Rehab Update

Meet our newest rehab animals: two baby Eastern grey squirrels. The first was found by aquarium staff Sarah Peake while walking her dog. She brought it back to the VLM for me to take care of. At the time he was only 4-5 weeks old with eyes still sealed shut. He opened his eyes for the first time on October 20th.
The second one was brought to the VLM by a visitor a week later, and was clearly larger and older than the first. His eyes were already open, his fur was much fuller, and he took to formula feeding almost immediately. Already there is a noticeable personality difference between the two. The older one, named Rusty for his rust-colored hind legs and face, was at first very shy yet adventurous. Jack, the younger of the two, was

Baby squirrels are tough to take care of. They require a lot of sleep, and regular feeding (starting at around every two hours). They usually rely on mothers milk, which can be replaced by a dog or cat powdered formula via syringe. Later on they can take soft fruits like banana or apple, and then progress into gnawing on pecans, acorns, almonds, etc. At around five weeks of age there eyes begin to open, triggering their upper incisors to break through the gums.

So far so good! They have quickly taken to gnawing on harder foods as their teeth further emerge, and enjoy climbing up their new cage. After the winter they will be released and fully able to forage for their own food and shelter.

Feeding formula from a 1cc syringe
Jack (above) enjoys having his cheeks rubbed.


 – Patrycja Lawryniuk, aquarium staff


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