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So…I take terrible selfies.

It may be because I never like pictures of myself.  At all.  And selfies don’t seem to be easy to take for me.  I just never seem to get the angle right.  Even though I can literally see myself at the time.  No matter what I do, every selfie I’ve ever taken of myself looks…awful.

I didn’t worry too much about it.  My daughter takes brilliant selfies, so maybe it’s a generational thing?  Maybe selfies just look better when you’re young and beautiful to begin with (okay, I may be biased, but hey, she is my daughter).  I consoled myself with the idea that being a woman in my 50s, it didn’t really matter if I couldn’t take a good selfie.

And now I think we’ve all been pretty much outdone by a rover on Mars.

The Perseverance Rover on Mars, along with the Ingenuity helicopter. Courtesy NASA.

To be fair, there’s more to Perseverance’s “selfie” with Ingenuity than meets the eye.  Wanna know more about this amazing image from the surface of another planet?  Join me on the Virginia Living Museum’s Facebook page this Saturday at 7:30pm for our monthly STARturday Night LIVE event.  I’ll be talking about Perseverance’s brilliant selfie skills and lots of other things, including stuff you can go outside and find in your night sky.  Bring your questions!  I love answering them!  Don’t miss out on the fun!

And if you’re better at it than I am, you can always post a selfie of you watching the program.

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