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Skates and rays at the VLM

I am in the process of redecorating the interior of the Ray/Skate exhibit and will soon be replacing the southern stingray (Dasyatis americana) that has outgrown the exhibit. Its tankmate was moved into our largest Chesapeake Bay Aquarium several weeks ago and is thriving.
We will be replacing the ray with several little skates (Raja erinacea) and one larger individual we acquired from Woods Hole as a young of the year.
         One of the 4 little skates to go into the exhibit.
The large, male little skate is on currently on exhibit with our chain dogfish – pictured below – (Scyliorhinus retifer), but he also will join the other skates.
I am attempting to install a piling/pier type structure inside the exhibit, which is now undecorated, except for the substrate. The new exhibit should be more attractive, more natural, and more dynamic. We are also adding graphics that include several other ray/skate species that we commonly collect in the future.  

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  • Squirgy

    How exciting! I look forward to seeing the finished exhibit.