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Snow fun

Working as an animal keeper on a snowy day has its own unique challenges and rewards.  The animals still have to be taken care of even in bad weather, so animal keepers have to come in and take care of the animals when everything else has been shut down.  During a snow day, it can be very rewarding to see the animals enjoy playing in the snow.  Animals that particularly enjoy playing in the snow include the red wolves, the coyotes, the bobcat, and the otter.  Many of the other animals would prefer to hunker down and wait out the invasion of  the cold wet stuff.  The red foxes will curl up in a ball, often with their tails tucked over their noses like a scarf.

Here, Mr. Red Fox looks up to see what is going on around his home

Lovely lady red fox looks out over her enclosure

The eagles don’t seem to be concerned about the fact that there’s snow in their enclosure.  They are looking out over the boardwalk to keep an eye on what is going on while the Museum’s boardwalk is being cleared of the blanket of snow:


In order to clear away the snow on the boardwalk, the maintenance crew has a tractor with a snow blower attached to the front to push away the snow.  Here, before the eagles go into their enclosure, a member of the maintenance crew works diligently to clear the boardwalk:

Although the lake may be frozen, the snow piled up, and the Museum closed for the day to the visitors, there is much work that still occurs on those cold snowy days when the white stuff falls down and covers everything in a white blanket.

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