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Springtime Symphony

Now that the woods and fields are waking up, take a moment to savor the coming of spring.  As I walk along the trail, I’m amazed at how quickly spring arrives. You can hear it. You can smell it as the sun warms up the winter debris littered on the ground.  It’s a pleasant earthy smell, full of  promise. The bright green leaves of the trees spread tentatively up towards the sun.  They are so vibrant and green, and the animals are all waking up now.  In the dusk of sunset, it starts with the first tentative “peep. peep. peeeeep!” of the spring peepers. These are tiny frogs that wake up with the warming of the earth and many live in areas called vernal ponds. When the warming spring rains come, a temporary vernal pond forms as water collects in low lying areas in the woods.  Here, the frogs come out to sing to other frogs in hope of attracting a mate. Soon after I hear these frogs warming up for the symphony of the songs of spring.  When I hear the calling of the frogs, I know that spring is on the way.  After the peepers awaken, you’ll notice that the birds start appearing and advertising territories to set up for the nesting season.  It starts with a tentative warbling treble  then rises up to an all out symphony that advertises the coming of springtime.  Soon there will be a chorus of many different bird calls reverberating off of the tree trunks in the woods as our feathered denizens prepare to build nests for future generations. High above, the osprey circle and swoop, dancing through the golden sunlit clouds, calling loudly to each other, A high pitched “pip! Pip! Pip!” welling up in pitch, to advertise that spring is here.  The small mammals also start to peek out of their wintering areas.  Rabbits come out into the garden to eat tender grass as it pushes it’s way to the surface.  Squirrels scamper up and down the trunks of trees, chasing each other with pure joy while they gather leaves to fortify the nests of the up and coming generation. And although a few cold and chilly days, such as today, may sneak in, at least there is the promise of the coming of spring, warmer days, and bright sunshine.

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