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Underwater Video – 11am trout feeding

I have been enjoying the underwater camera a great deal. The image quality is excellent and I have had no leakage issues yet. I have immersed it in several exhibits, but my favorites so far are the mountain stream, the dives in CBA and above and below footage of our public trout feeding. Here is a video of aquarist Sarah Peake throwing in about a cup of trout pellets in one portion of the our 20,000 gallon Mountain Cove/Stream/Lake habitarium. The upper portion showcases a large waterfall that falls into a pool of very large brown trout. The next section is the stream portion that houses hundreds of darters, dace, shiners, and many other stream species including a brook lamprey and ten Roanoke logperch. This portion she is feeding contains approximately 12 brook trout and 10 rainbows, both of which breed on exhibit in both spring and fall. I began the video above the water and submerged the camera into the “feeding frenzy”. I did not have enough sense to put on a glove and was therefore bitten – as was the camera – but we are both OK! Enjoy!

Waterfall in Mt Cove Habitarium

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