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Where did the summer go?

Hello folks,

Well, what happened to summer? The time has gotten away from me, it’s hard to believe that it’s September! The owls are starting to call to establish territories, the leaves are beginning to change color, the days are getting shorter and the animals are beginning to prepare for the winter.  I’ve seen the squirrels gathering nuts, the wasps building one final nest before going dormant in cooler weather, birds are beginning to migrate south, and the deer are starting to get into their winter coats, as well as the other critters. The last time I posted was way back at the beginning of June. We’ve had a rather busy summer this year with lots of happenings.  One of the biggest events that occurred was that in July we had 2 batches of wood ducks hatch out in our aviary, and all seem to be doing well.    In a few weeks, some of the second batch of wood ducks will be transferred to another facility. We’ve been working on improving our enrichment and training programs for the animals as well as getting ready to undergo reaccreditation with the AZA.  So autumn looks to be a bit of a busy season too, but I do hope to be able to be more diligent in posting updates here on Critter Corner.  Until then, enjoy the cooler weather and I look forward to telling you more about the critters. 

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